What is the home page?

The home page contains all the press releases you're currently working on, whether as an author or an approver.

What is a workspace?

Each client, department or project has a workspace. Team members are invited to join the workspace where they can see all press releases for that client, department of project. Key messages are stored and can be kept up to date. Any new press release written will pull current key messages in automatically. New press releases can be written using sector specific templates. Deadlines for press releases are visible and progress through writing, approval and distribution clearly tracked.


If you're part of a team, you can create custom templates, custom questions and master key messages for your agency or organisation. A team will be a part of the agency or company. It could be a regional office, a division or a project. It will create its own style of template.


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You'll be notified when you're added or removed from a workspace or team, or as an approver. You'll also see notifications when a press release you've authored is commented on, or approved/unapproved by someone.

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What is an author?

The author is the person writing the press release. They are the only person able to edit the press release.

What is an approver?

The approver is invited by the author to view a press release. They can comment on the press release, suggest changes and give their final approval. The approver may be internal or external to the agency.

Team members

Team members are all the PingGo users who have access to this team, and who can create workspaces which are linked to this team. If you're the team owner, you can add and remove other members.

What is a custom template?

Here you can create your own templates to fit the style of the agency, team or client. You can either duplicate an existing template from the PingGo library and modify it to your own requirements. Or you can start from scratch. All your custom templates will be available in any workspaces linked to a team.

What is a custom question?

You can add more questions here, if the PingGo library ones aren't sufficient to build the templates you need - perhaps you're catering for a particular vertical, or you just want to re-phrase the question or help text to better suit your needs. If you redefine a question tag that already exists in the PingGo library, it will be used in your team's workspaces instead of the PingGo one.

What is a master key message?

If you want to ensure certain Key Messages are used across all of your team's workspaces, you can define them here. They might be used for the name and contact details of your agency, or a corporate message that needs to be reflected consistently across all departments. Your Key Message here will override any Key Message of the same question tag that's defined in any of the team workspaces.

What is PingGo?

PingGo helps you write media ready press releases. It is a single source of truth for your agency or company. Every client has its own workspace with all its key messages kept up to date in real time.

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is word of mouth and making sure everyone has heard of you and thinks you are great. It is 'earned editorial' in media outlets - digital and printed - from newspapers to magazines to blogs.

What is a Press Release?

This is a way of writing news that quickly gets your story across to a journalist and into the public domain. It is short and punchy. It can be published just as you wrote it or it can be re-written by journalists.

What is best practice for writing press releases?

Keep it short and get straight to the point. Don’t use jargon and don’t exaggerate or use flowery language and descriptive words like fantastic, amazing, wonderful, dazzling. If your product is genuinely innovative then explain why it is different to anything that has gone before. If you are absolutely sure you can prove it — beyond a shadow of a doubt — then use words like; revolutionary, ground breaking. Does your story stand up to scrutiny? Prove it.

Don’t repeat words or facts or benefits or messages. Repetition just dilutes the impact.

Don’t waffle. Don’t pad. Don’t puff.

How many press releases should I write a year?

Aim to get one press release out every month. The idea is to create a regular stream of news to maintain visibility of your company and keep you front of your customers’ mind.

How do I make news?

It’s easier than you think to come up with ideas for news. Talk to your clients and talk to their customers — what are the challenges they are facing. Ask your clients to put PR on the agenda for their team meetings — you’ll soon pick up on snippets you can turn into news. Follow industry news. What’s happening in the sector? How about a quick survey of the customer base? Read our blog about making news.

How to write a press release?

Tell the whole story — who, what, where, when, why — in the first paragraph. Then explain how. First of all, write down all the facts you know about the story. Then put those facts in order with the most important first. Keep it short — 400 words.

How to build a press campaign?

Decide which media outlets are your top priority. Find the journalists who cover your sector. Find a way to establish a relationship with them — either through social media or just call them up. Introduce your company and what it does. Find out what they are interested in. Do they want news? Do they want expert articles from you? Are they interested in comment from you as industry experts to use in their articles? Nurture the relationship. Give them good stories, plenty of warning and always respond quickly to any requests for information.

How safe is PingGo?

We are meticulous about protecting your data and have rigorous processes in place to ensure the integrity of our systems. We use SSL encryption and all accounts are allocated a unique database. Credit card information is not stored.

Why do I need PingGo?

PingGo gives you the tools you need to build media campaigns and write press releases. It provides a hub and focus for your marketing activity and resources. Everything you need in one place.

What do you do with my data?

All data is kept confidential to you. We do not share your data and employees of PingGo cannot access your account.

What do you do with my news?

All news is kept confidential to you. We do not share your news and employees of PingGo cannot access your account.

Why do I need to tell my story?

It doesn’t matter how good your product is or how hard you work. If no one knows you exist — how will they ever buy from you? Now is not the time to be shy. You need to make a noise!

How does free trial work?

You have 14 days to play with PingGo — explore all its functions and get it working hard for you. You can cancel your account at any time.

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