New Workspace

Create a workspace for every client or project you are responsible for by clicking the big orange button.

If you are the leader of that workspace it will be shown in My Workspaces. If you are a member of a workspace it will be shown in Shared With Me.

Workspace Name

Now name the workspace and choose the most relevant sector from the drop down menu.

By choosing a sector we will only display the relevant templates for you. You have access to the full library of templates but for ease you will be offered templates that have been specially created for your client's sector.

Also choose a team or no team. A team will have custom built templates for this client or company. These custom built templates are only available to your agency or company and are not part of the PingGo template library.

Choose 'no team' if you do not have custom templates or if you just want to use the PingGo library templates.

Adding Members

Invite teammates to join your workspace. This should include everyone working on the client account or working on a project.

Every workspace can be on a different plan and you can upgrade or downgrade easily.

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