First time in PingGo you will create key messages for your client or company.

Key messages are the building blocks of your press releases and all brand communications. They will work hard for you and be used again and again and again. This means your audience learns who you are and what you do.

You can create those key messages in one go by choosing press pack. Or create them as you go by choosing to write my first press release.

These key messages will be turned into a press pack and automatically used in all press releases.

Your press pack template will be written in preview.

On the left are a series of questions. On the right your answer will appear in the template preview.

When you have answered all the questions the start review button will turn orange when you click it you will unlock the whole template and be able to edit both your answers and the template.

You can ask approvers to comment and provide final sign off. Once you have sign off from all key stakeholders you can finalise the press pack.

You can update your key messages whenever you want and the new version will be used in any future press release.

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