New Template

Get started by clicking on New press release in your workspace. You can see your press pack is all ready to go.

Choose Template

Choose the template (on the left) that fits your announcement best. We are adding to the library of templates all the time. The only templates you see will be ones relevant to the sector you have chosen for your workspace.

On the right you will see a preview of the template with 'placeholder' text to give you an idea of how the press release will end up looking. Now select template and start writing.

Answer questions

Answer all the questions on the left. If you have already completed your press pack your key messages (purple) will be pre-populated in the preview.

Answers to questions about your announcement will appear on the right (orange) as you write.

Review and edit

When you have answered all the questions the review button will turn orange and you can move to the review phase.

The whole template is now unlocked and you can edit your answers and the template text.

Take your time over this phase. Find your angle and make the words flow.

Approval and sign off

Invite approvers to comment and give final approval to the press release when you are ready.

Finalise your draft

When all approvers have given sign off, the finalise button will turn orange and you can move forward to share.

Send to the media

You can now choose to send by email to a journalist or publish to your website.

Personalise your message

Always write a personal message to the journalist.

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