Once you have sign off from all the necessary people then you are ready to start planning your distribution.

For very small distributions and if you know the email of the journalist you can enter the email manually one by one.

Building a media list

To add multiple contacts and to build by sector you can add from the central media list. Click on the button - Add from contacts

  • Either select all contacts and then deselect to refine your media list.

  • Filter by tag to add a subsection of your media list.

Plan of attack

Your media list is now shown next to your press release.

The icon on the left shows who has sent the press release. If you are working with someone else on a distribution you can divide the list up by putting your hand up to take a journalist.

Personal message

To send the press release just click on the envelope icon and a window will open up allowing you to write a covering email.

Your press release will appear beautifully formatted in the journalist's inbox.

Tip: You will receive responses direct to your email, not in PingGo.

Putting you in control

As you progress through the distribution you can see who has opened your press release. When it hasn't delivered. And who is ignoring it!

Following up

You can then decide when to follow up. Just click on the arrow to the right of the journalist record and the covering message will open up. You can then click on the followup button. And write a new covering email. All followups will be stored under the journalist's name.

Reporting back and visibility

At the end the day you can quickly report back to clients how the distribution has gone. How many people have opened the press release, who has engaged, where you expect to get coverage.

Read our guide to pitching to journalists here.

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