First create a csv. file of your contacts.

You create a csv. file by saving an excel spreadsheet or downloading a google sheet as a comma separated value file.

The column headings of the csv. must be in the following order:

Media Outlet, First Name, Second Name, Job Title, Email, Telephone, Tags.

Tagging your contacts will allow you to build hyper targeted media lists for your press releases.

Tag by sector, geography or client.

If you have more then one tag: separate with a full colon.

Click on your team icon on the left of your screen. This will normally be the name of your agency or the team you work for in an organisation.

Now select upload contacts to upload a csv. file of contacts. Or add contacts one by one by clicking New Contact.

Drag or drop your csv. file and wait for the upload to complete. You will not be able to perform any other function until the upload is complete. This is usually no longer than a few seconds.

PingGo will add all of the contacts to your central media list, which can be accessed by all members of your team. For any contacts which are already listed, PingGo will update with new information.

Warning: If you upload a contact already stored in PingGo, please make sure to include all existing tags plus any new tags. If you only include the new tags you will lose the old ones.

To avoid this - you are best to manage tags in PingGo and to only upload a contact once.

You can edit your tags by clicking on the three dots to the right of the screen - where you can edit or delete.

You can now search your media contacts by name of the media outlet or journalist or by tags.

For instance, here I have filtered by tag for Client A and Fake News. This gives me all the titles common to both and much more targeted list of contacts.

And here I have searched by Publication.

Next learn how to manage your contacts in PingGo.

And how to build a media list in PingGo.

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