Once you have your signed off press release and have moved to the send phase you can build your hand selected media contacts.

Make sure you are in the To Do tab where you will see option to write email one by one or Add From Contacts

To add multiple contacts Click on the button marked Add From Contacts.

Or add single emails by clicking New Email

Choose to filter by Tag and you will see all publications with that tag. Select the ones you want to send this press release to by ticking one box or all boxes. Those contacts will be added to this media list when you click on the add contacts to distribution button at the bottom of the list.

Tip:  To keep your media list in order, add one sector at a time by choosing one tag at a time.  This will allow you to build the media list by sector which will keep things in order when it comes to sending the press release and following up.

You can allocate a group or specific journalists to one of your team members to target by clicking on Assign to a user

When the media contacts are added you can now put your hand up to let your team mates know who you will be sending to. You send your press release by clicking on the envelope icon. You can easily see which publication a journalist writes for.

Now you have your full media list you can start your distribution.

For an article on how to distribute your press release click here.

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