When your agency starts using PingGo you will need to add DKIM and Return-Path records to your DNS.

This is a very quick - two minute job.  And you just need to do it once.  

This lets PingGo send emails on your behalf ensuring effective delivery and higher domain reputation.

All you need to do is click on the account icon in the top right corner of PingGo. Click on 'Verify email address' to trigger a verification process for your domain.

Click on Send Verification.

You will get an email from PingGo via a company called PostMark to your own email that looks like this.

You should now add the DKIM and Return-Path values to your DNS.

We will be notified at our end and PingGo will be able to send press releases direct from your email address.

We work with a company called Postmark - Salesforce, Ikea and 1Password also use Postmark too - so we are in good company.

Why do we use Postmark? Because they never lose a single email and they get our emails into the target inboxes quickly. They also keep us GDPR compliant.

To find out more about getting your agency onto PingGo read this article about verifying your email.

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